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The Power of Horse Tracking: How Smart Technology is Revolutionising Equestrian Sports

The Power of Horse Tracking: How Smart Technology is Revolutionising Equestrian Sports

Discover how smart technology is transforming equestrian sports with horse fitness tracking.



In the world of equestrian sports, understanding and monitoring fitness levels of horses is essential to successfully assessing future performance. With the advent of technology, horse fitness tracking has become not just more straightforward, but also more accurate, which is revolutionising the equestrian sports landscape. This blog post will delve into the details of horse tracking, equine tracking devices, heart rate monitoring and GPS for horses and how these technological advancements are shifting paradigms in equestrian sports.

Horse Tracking

Initially, tracking a horse’s fitness level was a process that relied heavily on the owner’s intuition and manual observation; not anymore. Horse tracking technology has made it possible to monitor horses’ health, fitness, and performance levels accurately with the emergence of smart wearable technology.

Equine Fitness Tracking Devices

The advent of affordable equine tracking devices has been a game-changer in equestrian sports. These devices, often wearable, offer real-time monitoring of a horse’s exercise activity, heart rate and even location. Equine tracking devices help owners make better decisions about training regimens, detect early signs of distress or illness, and keep a close eye on their horse’s overall health and well-being. This revolutionary technology is making equestrian sports safer and more competitive.

At Enduro Equine, our Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor caters to competitive, professional and leisure riders. Designed to fit horses of any size across a range of equestrian disciplines, our smart fabric girth sleeves and wraps ensure no wires, no rubbing, and no fuss. The lightweight wearable is comfortable for your horse during exercise and training. With the Enduro FIT Horse Riding App, riders can receive real-time fitness insights directly to their smartphone or smartwatch.

By tracking instantaneous speed, distance, location, and heart rate monitoring owners can now evaluate their horses’ fitness levels objectively, aiding in training and helping to improve performance in equestrian sports.

Importance of Managing a Horse’s Heart Rate

The heart rate of a horse is an excellent indicator of its physical exertion and stress levels. Understanding a horse’s heart rate during exercise can help to determine suitable training intensities and durations, prevent overtraining, and help optimise performance in equestrian sports. By keeping a close eye on the heart rate, riders and trainers gain a better understanding of the horse’s effort levels, stress responses, and overall cardiovascular health.

Monitoring a Horse’s Heart Rate

Thanks to advancements in horse tracking technology, monitoring a horse’s heart rate has never been more straightforward. Wearable equine tracking devices equipped with heart rate monitors provide real-time data on a horse’s heart rate, making it easier for owners and trainers to keep tabs on their horse’s fitness levels. These devices not only measure heart rate during exercise, but also record data over time, allowing for a comprehensive overview of the horse’s health and fitness trends.

For a deeper understanding of what your horse’s heart rate indicates about their health and fitness, and for information on a horse’s resting heart rate, refer to our detailed blog article —  Understanding your horse’s heart rate.

Techniques to Control Heart Rate During Exercise

Trainers can advise various techniques to help manage a horse’s heart rate during exercise. Gradual warm-ups and cool-downs may prevent sudden spikes in heart rate, while consistent training may improve the horse’s fitness level, leading to lower resting and exercising heart rates. Additionally, proper hydration and nutrition can play a significant role in heart rate management. In endurance training, pacing the horse properly may ensure that the heart rate stays within safe limits while still pushing the boundaries of the horse’s fitness.

GPS for Horses

GPS technology has found its way into equestrian sports, further revolutionising horse monitoring. GPS for horses allows owners to track their horses’ movements, speed, and location accurately. This technology is particularly useful in endurance horse races and training, where understanding a horse’s pace and route can be critical. Additionally, in case of emergencies or unexpected situations, a GPS can be a lifesaver, helping locate a lost rider and horse promptly.


In conclusion, technology is revolutionising equestrian sports, and horse tracking is at the forefront of this transformation. From horse tracking fitness devices to GPS for horses, these innovations are enhancing the safety, competitiveness, and overall experience in the realm of equestrian sports. As smart wearable technology continues to evolve, we can only expect more exciting advancements in this field. For the latest in Enduro Equine Ride & Fitness Tracking technology, visit our shop.

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