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Monitor your horse’s health, fitness and wellbeing with Enduro GW Equine Heart Rate Monitor.

Using an equine heart rate monitor can be beneficial for all horse owners of all levels from competitive riders to leisure riders. Understanding your horse’s heart rate and tracking your rides regularly can help to enhance the wellbeing, fitness, and overall care of your horse.

Monitoring your horse’s heart rate during exercise can help prevent overexertion, which can lead to injuries or health problems in horses. Use as part of your horse’s fitness programme whilst looking out for changes in heart rate as this can be an early indicator of illness or injury in horses.

For horses with certain medical conditions, such as cardiac issues or metabolic disorders, regular monitoring of heart rate can be crucial in managing their health. 

The Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor allows you to keep track of your horse's heart rate during exercise, training, and recovery periods.

  • Use as part of your horse’s fitness programme
  • Help prevent overexertion
  • Track HR changes over time for peace of mind
  • Identify potential issues before they become serious problems
  • Identify stress triggers

Track Your Rides with the Enduro FIT App

The ultimate horse ride tracker app with true fitness insights

Real-time heart rate data is sent wirelessly to the Enduro FIT Horse Riding App. Replay, review, and share your rides with your friends, trainer, or coach.
  • Real Time GPS Ride Tracking (Location, Speed, Distance)
  • Gait Detection
  • Live Horse Location & Data Tracking
  • Detailed map and satellite views of your ride
  • NEW Apple Watch Face
  • Ride Session Cloud Sync
  • Instantaneous HR (heart rate) readings throughout your ride*
  • Estimated Calories Burned (during ride session)
  • Horse Ride & Fitness Data Trends
  • Ride Session Weather

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