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Gain a competitive edge with Enduro GW Equine Heart Rate Monitor

An equine heart rate monitor is a valuable tool for any racehorse trainer or owner looking to help improve performance, prevent injuries, and monitor their horses' health and overall wellbeing.

Get ahead of the game with reliable and accurate heart rate, speed and live location data straight to the palm of your hand from the Enduro FIT Mobile App.

Tracking your horse’s heart rate can help you identify early signs of fatigue or stress in a horse. This information can be critical in preventing overtraining or pushing the horse too hard, which can lead to injuries.

The Enduro Equine Heart Rate Monitor brings live heart rate data at rest, during exercise and recovery.  Wireless, affordable and easy to use, the Enduro Equine HRM provides valuable data insights to help make informed decisions to suit each horse's unique needs.

  • Help gain a competitive edge
  • Determine fitness levels and recovery rates
  • Prevent overtraining
  • Help identify sources of stress
  • Adjust training routines to optimise performance

Train Smarter with the Enduro FIT App

The ultimate horse riding app with true fitness insights

Real-time heart rate data is sent wirelessly to the Enduro FIT Horse Riding App. Replay, review, and share your rides with riders, trainers and owners.
  • Instantaneous speed, distance and ride location.
  • Multi Horse Live Location Tracking
  • Instantaneous HR (heart rate) readings throughout your ride
  • Max and Min HR (heart rate) of your horse during your ride
  • Resting HR (heart rate) of your horse before exercise
  • Gait Detection
  • Calories Burned
  • Voice Audio Guidance
  • HR Replay Graph showing heart rate at rest, exercise & recovery
  • Workout Min and Max Speed
  • Workout Max and Average Pace
  • Detailed map and satellite views of your ride
  • NEW Apple Watch Face

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