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Train Smarter with Enduro GW Equine Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you are an aspiring amateur event rider, experienced professional or trainer, our game-changing equine heart rate monitor is for you. 

Monitoring your horse's heart rate is an important part of equestrian sport to help track your horse's health, wellbeing and fitness during and after strenuous physical activity. 

Eventing is a demanding sport that requires horses to perform at their peak fitness levels. By monitoring the horse's heart rate, riders and trainers can assess the horse's fitness and conditioning. This information helps in designing appropriate training programs and make adjustments to help improve the horse's performance.

  • Monitor your horse’s exercise and fitness
  • Optimise training sessions and track heart rate in real time
  • Help prevent over exertion
  • Analyse data trends for improved performance
  • Help understand your horse’s true potential

Track Your Rides with the Enduro FIT App

The ultimate horse riding app with true fitness insights

Real-time heart rate data is sent wirelessly to the Enduro FIT Horse Riding App. Replay, review, and share your rides with your friends, trainer, or coach.

Enduro FIT App features include:
  • Instantaneous HR (heart rate) readings
  • Instantaneous speed, distance and location of your ride
  • Real time GPS Tracking
  • Apple Watch Support
  • Detailed map and satellite views of your ride
  • Ride Session Summary
  • Ride Session Insights & Views
  • Resting HR (heart rate) of your horse before exercise
  • Gait Detection
  • Ride Session Cloud Sync

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