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Reliable and accurate heart rate monitoring with Enduro GS Equine Heart Rate Monitor.

Monitoring your horse’s heart rate in Endurance is an essential part of the sport helping you make informed decisions about pacing, rest, and overall ride strategy, ensuring the horse's wellbeing throughout the event.

Monitoring your horse’s heart rate allows you to help assess their physical condition, health and fitness levels, in both training and competition. An elevated heart rate can be an early indicator of potential health issues or fatigue.

The Enduro GS Equine Heart Rate Monitor is wireless, easy to use and affordable, providing valuable insights into the health, wellbeing and fitness of your horse.

  • Help prevent overexertion
  • Plan your ride strategy
  • Help prevent heat stress
  • Minimise risk of injury
  • Set training goals

Track Your Rides with the Enduro FIT App

The ultimate horse ride tracker app with true fitness insights

Real-time heart rate data is sent wirelessly to the Enduro FIT Horse Riding App. Replay, review, and share your rides with your friends, trainer, or coach.

Enduro FIT App features include:
  • Multi Horse Live Location Tracking
  • Instantaneous HR (heart rate) readings throughout your ride
  • Max and Min HR (heart rate) of your horse during your ride
  • Time spent in each heart rate zone
  • Resting HR (heart rate) of your horse before exercise
  • Gait Detection
  • Calories Burned
  • MPM (metres per minute)
  • Voice Audio Guidance
  • HR Replay Graph showing heart rate at rest, exercise & recovery
  • Date, time and day of your ride
  • Duration of the ride
  • Workout Distance
  • Workout Min and Max Speed
  • Workout Max and Average Pace
  • Detailed map and satellite views of your ride
  • Instantaneous speed, distance and location of your ride
  • NEW Apple Watch Face

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